Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Announced August 02 ,2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Announced August 02 , 2016. The most Reverend this time we will be announced on the news Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has announced that it will launch the Samsung Galaxy model Prime Note 7 on 2 August. They also have sent invitations on the media to be held at three locations simultaneously the New Work, London and Rio De Janeiro.

As we know, suppose Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Note 6 this year but it was skipped to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. According to Samsung, it is because they want to adjust with Galaxy S Series such as found on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launched February 27.

Specifications for Samsung Galaxy Note 7About the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still unconfirmed. Some sources also expressed this premium model will present with 5.8-inch screen size with side curve on both side. Most likely also Note 7 do not comes with a flat-screen version as before.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to present with features of waterproof with recognition of IP68. In part it did present 6 GB RAM, 3600 mAh battery, 12 MP camera 5MP camera key and also future.

So the latest Samsung Smartphone info hopefully useful

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