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13 Problems & Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Edition)

author photo 27.7.16
13 Problems & Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Edition) . The newly launched Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Edition is almost perfect with some upgrades from the last year model. For instance it has got more RAM, larger battery, premium build, Android Marshmallow, S-Bike mode and many more. Now this does not mean that it does not have cons or problems and issues, there are some too. So this is the reason for which I have decided to post this article which is entirely about the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Edition Issues, Problems and Cons.
Samsung Galaxy j7 2016
Samsung Galaxy j7 2016
Below are the lists of Samsung Galaxy J7 – 6 (2016 Edition) Problems, Issues and Cons:

13 Problems & Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Edition)

  • The first is the heating issues or problems which is quite prominent while either gaming, browsing the web or shooting videos for longer time (normally for more than 15 to 20 minutes). The the heat is not kind of insane overheating issues but definitely feels more warm than most average smartphones.
  • Next Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Edition cons or problems is with the bloatwares (unnecessary pre-installed apps) which is not removable by the user.
  • Another problems or issues is with the radiation levels or also known as SAR values which in both the cases for head and body is same as 1.101 W/Kg and to be real its quite high. In case if you have this phone and want to know how to reduce the radiation levels of smartphones then follow this link.
  • The absence of ambient light sensor is a huge Galaxy J7 2016 problems as without that it is impossible for the smartphone to automatically change the brightness levels by adapting to the intensity of surrounding light around the display.
  • There is no tap to wake up commands which is a disadvantages.
  • Another Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Edition issues or cons is that the navigational touch buttons are not backlit. Using in absolute darkness is a bit problem.
  • The phone neither supports HDMI nor MHL TV-Out cable which is another Galaxy J7 – 6 (New 21016 Edition) disadvantages or cons.
  • Next problems or demerits (cons) is that the pixel density of the 5.5 inch display panel is of only 267 ppi (pixels per inch). The reason for such low ppi is due the lower resolution which is of only 720×1280 pixels. In today’s market of smartphone saturated world 1080×1920 pixels is the gold standard for mid-range smartphones.
  • The 13 megapixel primary camera can neither record videos in slow motion nor in 4K resolution and it is a disadvantages or cons.
  • Next Galaxy J7 2016 cons or disadvantages is that there is no gyroscope which otherwise if it has it could have supported VR (Virtual Reality) headset accessory.
    No infrared sensor for IR blaster. It is useful for controlling wireless home appliances like TV, AC, etc.
  • Another Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Edition issues is that there is no any Quick Charge or fast charging technology with the phone. It is definitely required as the 3300 mAh battery takes more than 4 hours to fully charge from zero to hundred percent.
  • And the last Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Edition problems or disadvantages is that it does not have any scratch resistant protection for the 5.5 inch display.
Ok thus is 13 Problems & Issues of Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Edition) may be help you.

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