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Never Upload Your Boarding Pass Photo to Social Media!

author photo 8.6.16
Do you ever upload your boarding pass photo to social media? Some dangers are looking for you by doing that.

By the trend of traveling and widespread use of social media, we often see a photo of a boarding pass uploaded to social media. Do you ever take a photo of your boarding pass and upload them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?

In fact,  boarding pass  is an important document that you should not upload for security reasons.

Security experts said to the Business Insider UK about the danger of photographing boarding pass and upload them to the internet.

" There are two-dimensional barcodes and QR codes at the boarding pass that can store a lot of information. The code is printed on the boarding pass and allows someone to find more data about you, including the itinerary you will do as well as your trip in advance."

It would be dangerous if there is someone who has been secretly using social media to access some important informations about you or your life.

A person who seeks out information about you (or a stalker) can get information about telephone numbers, travel records completed with date, and other important informations related to your ticket reservation.

This certainly can not be taken lightly. Although you do not feel that you have  a stalker or enemy, that data could be used by irresponsible people, couldn't that?

Remember, the Internet is a vast area with an increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques. In this era, protecting your privacy and personal data is a thing you should always notice.

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