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Koreans Honestly Confessed about Indonesian Tourism

author photo 8.6.16
Warta.com - Two of the largest travel agent in South Korea openly expressed criticism about the weak points of Indonesian tourism. They  testimonied in front of the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, and the team at the Conrad Hotel, Seoul, Thursday (02/06/2016).

Both are Hana Tour, which has a market share of nearly 20 percent of Korean wich is nearly 20 million people. Exactly 19.31043 million Koreans have vacation to overseas nowadays.
Another one is  Mode Tour International, which manages 1.8 million tourists from Korea to overseas. Mode Tour has more than 1,250 workers to handle  Korean's trip.

What is their critics? "A lot of Korean people donn't have any idea  about Indonesia, besides Bali. We do not even know where Borobudur is located. Is that interesting?" said Hong Ki-jung, Vice Chairman of Mode Tour, which justified by Kim Jin-young, Manager of Mode Tour, and Yoon Ju-young, Deputy Manager of Mode Tour.

A similar statement was delivered by Kim Jim-kook, President of Hana Tour.
Heard of that, Indonesia Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, Indonesia Ambassador to South Korea John Prasetyo, Marketing Development of Deputy Foreign Tourism I Gde Pitana, and Deputy Asia Pacific Vincensus Jemadu who were in that room could only say nothing.

Indonesia Tourism promotion to Korea has to be sharper and more intense. Then, what is the solution based on them? Two of the biggest company in Korea have the same advice: Familiarization trip or Famtrip!

"Take the tour travel, journalistsor media, and Korean writers to various destinations in Indonesia, including the Borobudur, and 10 new destinations that ready for the market," said Kim Chang-hun.

According to Kim Chung, besides Bali,  the place which has been heard in Korea is Batam-Bintan, in Riau Islands province. Then what else? "There is no other way, except promotions and marketing through various media and events in Korea," he said.

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Deratu Shop: Toko Sepatu Pria, Sepatu Wanita dan Sepatu Anak
Deratu Shop: Toko Sepatu Pria, Sepatu Wanita dan Sepatu Anak

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