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iPhone 7: A prototype with 4 speakers, camera and flash stacked!

author photo 30.5.16
iPhone 7: A prototype with 4 speakers, camera and flash stacked!.The iPhone 7 should not be released until sometime in September but traditional leaks and other rumors about him already and many rarely such confusion will be preceded by the release of a new iPhone. To date, the main contradiction of points concerned the presence or absence of a dual camera sensor, a headphone jack and a Smart Connector port. As if that was not enough and even sow a little doubt in our minds, an alleged particularly intriguing new prototype comes to surface .
iPhone 7 With 4 speaker
iPhone 7 With 4 speaker

iPhone 7 Promotional Video

Supposedly taken from a promotional video made by a manufacturer of Italian accessories photos below are meant to unveil a prototype of the case in which the iPhone 7 will be assembled. plastic molding suggesting that the successor to the iPhone 6s would be with certain characteristics hitherto reserved for past California tablets.
Thus, assuming that the technical data on which this prototype was designed is accurate (which is far from being proven, the iPhone 7 would not only with two but four integrated speakers at the ends of its upper and lower brackets! This is not all as the back camera and flash would now and for the first time but more aligned horizontally stacked in the direction of height! Special features directly inherited from the iPad Pro 9.7 inches.
This prototype is not, however, in total contradiction with what had previously been referred to by multiple sources . It will be noted in fact that the slightly redesigned bands of separation of the antennas of the device that no longer cross the back of the latter in its width and the protrusion formed to the same casing by a substantially wider photo sensor are consistent with most of the preceding leaks.
Remains to be seen if this prototype is faithful to reality or is neither more nor less than the fruit of the imagination of the creative teams of this prop.
Sure, harmonize all the mobile devices from the firm might seem natural but not venture to take a position, I would just like to inform you of my skepticism when the integration of the speaker is supposed to come drag just above the camera.
Although a unique design could possibly make this possible, I actually struggling to imagine how this speaker might fit above the camera module as the space between these two components is limited. Technical constraints that are found elsewhere in the design of the iPad Pro on the upper edge where the speaker in question is slightly offset (see this comparative picture), among others for the reason mentioned above. In short, remain cautious, do not get carried away too quickly and quietly expect other leaks corroborate these new details, or not

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