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iPhone 7 Design and Dimensions are confirmed

author photo 10.5.16
iPhone 7 Design and Dimensions are confirmed. iPhone 7 News quoted from nowhereelse.fr that Design unchanged or complete overhaul, camera with single or dual sensor with or without headphone jack, Smart Connector or not; months pass and with them, the contradictory rumors and leaks, and more or less credible for the next iPhone multiply by creating confusion. The latest example, a 3D drawing potential of metal housing of the iPhone 7 has in turn power the unofficial news that future smartphone California .
iPhone7 Design
iPhone7 Design

By examining the sketch below, note first that the hole cut in the top / left corner of the back of the box to leave the field in single device photo sensor is larger than that the iPhone 6s. Note also that this cutout is substantially closer to the lateral edge and form a slight convex protuberance out of the housing. Details that were revealed two months earlier by another industrial sketch. Document I obtained direct from an employee of the subcontractor Catcher (read: iPhone 7: The design confirmed by the first images of its box!).

Dimensions of iPhone 7

For the rest and acknowledging that the information provided by the schemes are true to life, the case of the iPhone 7 would measure exactly 138.30mm 67.12mm high and wide. Strictly identical dimensions to those of the current iPhone 6s.
We obviously regret that the thickness of this piece is not specified but be aware, however, that two rumors disagree on this point. One wanting the iPhone 7 is as thin as the iPod Touch with its 6.1mm while the other speaks rather of an unchanged thickness of 7.1mm. From my own sources, the thickness of the iPhone 7 would be identical to that of the iPhone 6s even imperceptibly less. So I tend to believe in the second theory.
That's all for now but the rate of occurrence of future leaks about the new iPhone is likely to continue to accelerate in the coming weeks. We should soon know more about them. Wait & See.
Thus is leaks from iPhone 7 and the next post i will write about advantages and disadvantages iPhone 7 more detail.

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