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New Features Night Shift on the iPhone

author photo 7.4.16
In the iOS 9.3 update, Apple embedded a new feature called Night Shift. This feature gives the user a lot of benefits for the iDevice.Screen smartphone apparently fluoresces blue. So that we can see the display even in the hot sun. But when night, the light is even confuses your brain. Because it mimics the sun light. As a result, the brain does not produce melatonin, a hormone that signals the body to provide 'bed time'.
Photo by detiknet
Photo by detiknet
Because that light can disrupt sleep cycles smartphone. Making it difficult to close his eyes and fell asleep. This would potentially lead to serious health problems. Starting from cataracts, obesity, depression and breast and prostate cancer. CNN quoted net and Tech Insider on Thursday (07/04/2016), if using a desktop or notebook can use the app to disable the blue light flux on the screen. But this application can not be used on the iPhone.
Night Shift on iPhone
Night Shift on iPhone
Fortunately since the iOS 9.3 update available Night Shift feature. We can easily set when this feature can be active at night.

Make Eyes Comfortable

Night Shift When enabled, the screen momentarily more yellowing. So the eyes will still feel comfortable while looking at the iPhone screen.
But according to scientists studying sleep, the Night Shift will not be maximized if users do not change habits when using the phone in the evening. Mata will stay awake to see recent posts on social media or incoming email.
Because it is recommended that wherever possible the mobile phone away from the bed. Or if any should be beside us all the time, you should turn on airplane mode. So that we are not tempted to continue scrolling through social media pages.

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