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Huawei Leica P9 Spec Reviews

author photo 7.4.16
Huawei Leica P9 Spec. Previously, Huawei has research that one of the main considerations for the user to replace a smartphone is because the camera. Where the more reliable it will be the smartphone's camera ogled customer. 


Huawei P9 itself appears with Kirin 955 octa-core processor 64-bit ARM-based consists of four core A72 and four A53 cores. 3 GB RAM with 32 GB storage which can be expanded using microSD. But there is also a higher version that has 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB of storage. For security, and P9 P9 Plus is equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.
Huawei P9
Huawei P9
The battery capacity of 3,000 mAh and 3,400 mAh to P9 to P9 Plus, will provide power to P9 screen size of 5.2 inch IPS with a resolution of 1080p, which means it has a pixel density of 423 ppi. While P9 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen with the same resolution but uses Super AMOLED panel. Huawei is known as the P series phones that got excellence in the field of the camera, as well as design. Not surprisingly, Huawei cooperating to improve the quality Leica camera and P9 P9 Plus.
Cooperation Huawei and Leica produces unique dual camera system in P9, which is split between RGB and monochrome cameras. RGB cameras to record his devoted in color, while the monochrome camera has the ability charmingly called in to record details of the image.
Both cameras can work in tandem to produce images with superior detail, also with photos and color depth satisfactory. P9 camera also claimed to have a great performance in low light conditions, due to the application of a dual system of this camera. At launch, the P9 version RAM / storage 3 GB / 32 GB removable at a price of 599 euros.

Specifications "Huawei P9" That Rely on Leica Camera Twins

Armed with a pair of Leica-certified 12MP camera located on the back side of the handset, precisely on the sensor fingerprint scanner, Huawei and P9 P9 Plus is believed to be carrying a camera feature to 'the next level'. The first sensor is full RGB camera, while the other camera sensor monochrome (black and white).
Two sensors are present in P9 Huawei are collaborating to increase 50% the contrast in your photos and make the phone's camera can capture light information three times better. This happens because the monochrome sensor does not have a filter RGB light so it can collect more photons.
Furthermore, as the successor to Huawei P8 2015 edition, the latest Huawei mobile phones and P9 P9 Plus has 'design language' that is not much different from the previous generation despite more curved corners and include finishing 'brushed hairline' and 'sandblasted'. Both come with a fully metal bandage.

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