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HTC Will Announce Have Best Camera Phones

author photo 8.4.16
This time we present the HTC who boasted with his camera that will be terbaik.Video camera teaser has been circulating about HTC 10. Its content highlights the ability of the camera is touted to be one of the best smartphone cameras.
htc 10
htc 10
If it took a few years back, was a success spawned HTC flagship camera technology capable thanks UltraPixel flagship, the HTC One M7 and M8. Unfortunately, this success had faded in M9 because many who criticize camera capabilities beyond expectation.
But HTC wanted to return, through a teaser video producers seem to want to show that its latest flagship camera will be the best in its class. "Obsessed to bring a smartphone with the ability to capture and record the best video ever," he said in the video teaser.
Unfortunately not got information about the camera specs, but a leak mentions that HTC will again rely on technology that UltraPixel this time combined with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). For information, HTC managed to get rid of the M9 features OIS when other manufacturers even accentuate it.
Like any later, the camera HTC 10 apparently deliberately created in order to provide optimal shots in a variety of conditions, including when used in wet-wetting. It also raises the opinion that HTC may be equipped with 10 waterproof capabilities tub Galaxy S7 and Xperia Z5.
But if you see the video, HTC Obsession smartphone 10 to be the best camera will not be as easy as imagined. Because in the same class there and Huawei S7 Galaxy P9 camera capabilities are not kidding.

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