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FBI Might Just breaking the old iPhone

author photo 8.4.16
Hello friends desmartphoners now we will give information about iPhone and FBI which we quoted from Detiknet of Business Insider.Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) again spoke about the iPhone breaker tool that is used to unlock the iPhone's terrorist mass shooting in San Bernardino. 

FBI Might Just breaking the old iPhone

According to FBI Director James Comey, they can only use the tools to break into the iPhone release long before the iPhone 5S. This means that the iPhone 5C is Apple's most recent mobile phones that can be broken by the FBI. This possibility has to do with the Touch ID or fingerprint sensor is already available on the iPhone 5S, the processor Secure Enclave embedded Apple in the mobile phone 4 inch, the iPhone 5C is the type of phone used by Syed Farook, a suspect in the case of San Bernardino. And FBI have a way to break into the mobile phone of a third party, after Apple refused to help the FBI to unlock the iPhone.
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C
"The FBI is very good at keeping secrets. Those who sell the appliance (breaker iPhone), I know some of them, and I strongly believe that they are very adept at keeping secrets, they also have the same motivation for us," said Comey ,
A number of the calling party that the FBI was towed mobile forensic Israeli company called Cellebrite. While the methods used seem to be related to NAND technique called mirroring.
More Comey called if the FBI is currently conducting discussions internally discussing whether they would notify Apple about the techniques they use. "If we know Apple, they will fix it, and we will go back to the beginning again," concludes Comey.

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