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Advantages of HTC 10 (Free to DIY)

author photo 13.4.16
Ok my friends, now I Will tell you about one kind advantages of HTC 10, the Advantages is about DIY in OS, straight to this point.The appeal of HTC 10, not only can lure the novice user, but also a hobby DIY. Because the circulating information that allows cell phone called HTC tampered with without disrupting the warranty.
For information, phone manufacturers usually protect mobile phones from the hands of ignorant product use the name bootloader. This kind of software warranty seal carried. But instead could not be opened, a million ways to circulate on the Internet to unlock the bootloader.
Advantages of HTC 10
Advantages of HTC 10


However, as quoted from xda developer, Wednesday (13/04/2016), not all HTC 10 that will be sold on the market that will have these privileges. Well, the interesting HTC 10 called to be present in the bootloader is unlocked. This means that indirectly HTC allows users crack the mobile phone software it. HTC 10 also practically guarantee will not be affected by the action DIY users.
HTC reportedly only 10 were sold directly by HTC, which will be offered in the bootloader has been unlocked. So consumers who buy through operator seems to bite the fingers.
"HTC is committed to helping customers unlock the bootloader on HTC devices. However, certain models may not unlockable due to carrier restrictions. We continue to work with our partners is frequently check for updates there is to know kalauperangkat can unlock," HTC said via his official statement(DetiInet).

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