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Advantage and Disadvantage of iOS 9.3 and iOS 8, 9

author photo 17.4.16
Hello! Now desmartphone.com tries to post about iOS 9.3 most stable release from Apple, more stable than Android 6.0. According to a new report by app analytics firm Apteligent, Apple's latest iOS 9.3 build is the most stable new release by the Cupertino-based company in years. The report revealed a 2.2% crash rate for iOS 9.3 in the past eight days.

Other major releases, including iOS 8, 9, and 9.2, had their crash rate cross the 3.2% mark in the same time-period. In addition, the report revealed that iOS 9.3's rate of crash was also better than that of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which saw a crash rate of 2.6%.

It's worth mentioning that iOS 9.3 has also had its own share of problems - it's roll-out was temporarily put on hold for some older models due to an issue with the update procedure.

Apples' iPad Pro featuring the latest iOS 9 finally available on Nov 11, 2015, making it the most awesome tablet right now. However, here we are not talking about the new tablet. Instead, we are discussing the next-generation operating system iOS 9 that leads to the teething problem, which some users are wavering in whether or not to take the plunge to upgrade iOS 8 to iOS 9. Naturally, iPhone iPad users are make an iOS comparison between iOS 9.3 and iOS 8.3 to see what new features and advantages iOS 9 will bring. With more attentions paid to iOS 9, a review on iOS 9 vs iOS 8 is looming ahead. Here it is, a comprehensive roundup on the advantages and disadvantages of iOS 9 over iOS 8 that tempt you to get an iOS 8 upgrade.

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iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Review: New Features, Specs, Improvements, Highlights
Compared with iOS 8.3, the latest iOS 9.3 brings a new feature to its users-Night Shift. What is the function of Night Shift? Simply say, it's designed to help you have a better sleep. It's reported that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it harder to fall asleep. iOS 9.3 Night Shift can automatically adjust the blue light on your iPhone iPad display. It will be brighter in daytime and warmer at night.
iOS 8 Upgrade to iOS 9.3: Enjoy More Apple Apps with Enhanced Performance

Another strength that iOS 9.3 has over iOS 8 is that it lets users enjoy more improvements to Apple News, Notes, CarPlay and Health. To be specific, iOS 9.3 makes your note more private and secure; The news in iOS 9.3 will be tailored to your particular interests; iOS 9.3 enables you to discover more new health apps, etc.
iOS 8 vs iOS 9 Comparison: New System Font and Keyboard Design

The distinct differences between iOS 9 and iOS 8 you will notice first is the new look of the new system. The new font San Francisco is used in iPhone, iPads and Macs running OX 10.11 and iOS 9.3 than the iOS 8 currently-used Helvetica Neue, the same font system used on Apple Watch. Also the keyboard design is slightly tweaked: new keyboard switches between upper and lowercase keycaps. The easier-to-read font in iOS 9.3 than that in iOS 8 make this a welcome change from iOS 8 to iOS 9.
iOS 8 Upgrade to iOS 9.3: Proactive Lifestyle Management Feature

Among the stunning apps to boost iOS performance, there is an interesting app for lifestyle management called "Proactive" in iOS 9.3. This new feature replaces the existing Spotlight Search in iOS 8 with better service. Proactive will check data from a range of other apps to provide the right information at the right time, making iOS 9.3 more personalized when it comes to iOS 8.3 vs iOS 9.3. It is no doubt among the advantages of iOS 9.3 over iOS 8, as it helps iOS users to keep the busy life under control.

iOS 9 vs iOS 8: Music Streaming Service
Speaking of music streaming service, Apple announces its new music service Apple Music together with a live radio station named Beats 1. According to Apple, "On Apple Music, all the ways you love music can live together", which means that the new operating system will be more music-related in the iOS 9 and iOS 8 comparison, giving Apple's competitive advantages of iOS 9.3 over iOS 8.3 currently-used service like Spotify. For music lovers, the music emphasis will be a good reason to go iOS 8 upgrade to iOS 9.
Differences between iOS 9 and iOS 8: Improved HomeKit

With the iOS 9 update, the HomeKit also gets upgraded to work remotely — no Apple TV needed, thanks to iCloud to let users to wirelessly discover, securely manage and control HomeKit-compatible accessories using an iOS device. This app was announced at WWDC 2014 but not really integrated with iOS 8. But now, users are enabled to remotely control parts of their homes from their iOS 9 devices. The winner in the iOS 9.3 vs iOS 8.3 fights? Of course the new one.
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iOS 9.3 and iOS 8.3 Comparison: Smarter Siri

If you get iOS 8 upgrade to iOS 9, you will experience another advantage of iOS 9 in Siri. This voice-controlled personal assistant is open up to third-party apps and supports more natural language commands. Accordign to Apple, Siri powers a more intelligent search in iOS 9, which is 40 percent faster over that in iOS 8 and handles over a billion requests per week.
Upgrade iOS to iOS 9.3 Benefit: Updated Maps

Improvements are also added to Maps in iOS 9.3, including the addition of transit direction, bus, train and other public transportation data, highlight points of interest, turn-by-turn spoken directions as well as 3D mapping. Now users can get to their destination faster with iOS 9.3 compared with iOS 8 as you can visually see the street and stores clearly.
Other neat tricks you can enjoy in the iOS 8 upgrade to iOS 9.3:

Except the major differences between iOS 9 and iOS 8 above, users can also enjoy other minor tweaks on iOS 9 than iOS 8 below:

Improved Battery Life and Low Power Mode: Fast battery consumption continues to be an annoyances for iOS 8 and earlier versions, and iOS 9 is designed to improve the situaion, which will add up one additional hour of usage from an iPhone 6 and up to 3 additional hours when in the new Low Power Mode. That means you can even watch Hollywood movies on your iOS 9 based iPhone 6S or iPad Pro without draining off much power.
Smaller size: compare iOS 9 and iOS 8, the former is 3.5x smaller than previous iOS at just 1.4GB. For iPhone 6S/6S Plus users with smaller storage, this will be a nice bonus to update iOS 8.3 to iOS 9.3.
Split-screen Multitasking mode for the iPad: your productivity is to be doubled up in iOS 9.3 than iOS 8.3 with the Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture features. Multitasking is getting easier on iOS 9-based iPad.
  1. Expect new iOS 9-based iPhone iPad wallpapers and themes.
  2. Be able to see and read receipts in iMessage.
  3. iCloud Drive to sync files across Mac and iOS.
  4. Trusted Wi-Fi in iOS 9 to intelligently distinguish between safe and unsafe Wi-Fi connections.
  5. New apps like Wallet app and news app. 
iOS 9 Advantages and Disadvantages Comparing with iOS 8

Disadvantage iOS 9 vs iOS 8
There are many users who have upgraded iOS 8 trying to downgrade iOS 8 for a number of iOS 8 problems and errors come along with the upgrade. Now users will no longer need to seek for ways of how to downgrade iOS 8 with the arrival of iOS 9. Is it possible to downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8? I bet you won't. Why? Look at the advantages of iOS 9.3 over iOS 8.3 as well as its disadvantages.

 1. Smaller Download Size in iOS 9.3 than iOS 8.3

When users get an iOS 8 upgrade from iOS 7, they will need 4.6GB free internal storage. Many users, especially those will only 8GB and 16GB devices, are really slow to go iOS upgrade simply because they have to delete a lot of apps, photos, videos and music. iOS 9 is going to change, with a smaller download size than its predecessor.
2. Bug Fixing and Stability Improvement

In iOS 8, users are suffering from some annoying bugs which may drive users to downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7 like Wi-Fi and battery drain bugs, or app crashes sometimes or iPhone reboots. Rumors said that huge efforts have been focused on the bug fixing and stability improvement in iOS 9 to promise a better experience. Another excellent iOS 9 advantage!
3. More Secure when iOS 9.3 vs iOS 8.3

It is easy to jailbreak iOS 8, but with iOS 9, things get more difficult. Recent reports claim that a "Rootless" security system is going to pair with iOS 9 which makes it harder to jailbreak iPhones and iPads. With this difference between iOS 9 and iOS 8, your iOS 9-based devices will be much safer.
Disadvantages of iOS You May Need to Concern when Upgrade iOS 8.3 to iOS 9.3 
Recently, people are sending a text to other iPhone users to bother others. Why this happens? A new bug in Apple's iOS system have been found to be able to crash another user's iPhone with a sting of strange characters. In our iOS comparison, it remains a problem to be solved.
 According to users who have upgraded iOS 8 to iOS 9, there are few compliants:
* iPhone is getting extremely hot in a shot time.
* The iPhone battery drains so fast after getting iOS 8 upgrade to iOS 9.
* iPhone gets slower after the iOS 9 upgrade. It takes time for iPhone to respond.
Some users are complaining that automatic Sunrise/Sunset option is missing from iOS 9.3 in iphone 5s/se/6s etc. Another drawback of iOS 9.3 update is that iOS 9.3 crashes or app hangs when tapping links.

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