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WOW..Xiaomi Mi 4c

author photo 7.3.16
Xiaomi Mi 4c.Xiaomi is one of the popular brands of devices that have come from the name of the book deals Mi3 Xiaomi offered at a price far lower than other competitors. Since them, several other devices have been introduced - including Mi4, Mi4i and Mi Note. However, it does not attract the attention of the public, and the Xiaomi wants to try to attract attention through Mi4c.Xiaomi Mi 4c just launched for the Chinese market only for the moment, and the Xiaomi say they still do not have any plans to sell it overseas Chinese for the moment.
Xiaomi Mi 4c roughly the same as the present invention Xiaomi Mi 4i, but offers better specifications, in addition to include a variety of features and functions.
Xiaomi Mi4C
Xiaomi Mi4C
Xiaomi Mi 4c using 5-inch sized screen with a full HD display. At 5-inch screen size, it brings a very comfortable device for use in hand. Furthermore, the design of thin devices, and the use of polycarbonate frame. Xiaomi also include Sunlight Display technology in the Xiaomi Mi 4c, allowing users to continue to use the device in bright sunlight conditions - without worry about glare on the screen. Xiaomi Mi 4c powered by Snapdragon processing chip 808, which can be categorized as high-spec chips this year. Use this processing chips bring supply more than doubled when compared to the use of powerful Snapdragon chip 615 only on Xiaomi Mi 4i before.
In order to offer the device at affordable price to the consumer-owned, Xiaomi Mi 4c comes in two variations, that uses 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, and 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Xiaomi Mi 4i As before, there are no micro-SD card support are included with this smartphone, but instead Xiaomi include dual-SIM support 4G LTE smartphone.

To use the battery, Xiaomi Mi 4c using 3080mAh capacity battery - a little small compared to the Xiaomi Mi 4i, likely due to design 808 different Snapdragon chipset (or maybe a little larger). Since it uses a Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm, it also comes with Quick Charge 2.0 technology that allows users to charge the device quickly than usual.

Xiaomi Mi 4c using frame design which can not be removed - makes the battery is not removable. To remove the SIM card, the user must use the pin, as in some other smart phones on the day. As the design is not much different 4c Mi Mi 4i, the user can use some accessories for Mi Mi 4c 4i on this, except the room charge and also a framework that cover the IR Blaster.

Another attractive offers through the Xiaomi Mi 4c is the participation IR support it, allowing you to use it together a number of different electronic equipment at home. For example, it can be used to control a television, media recorders, air conditioners - or even common hardware Xiaomi, such as Mi Box. Use IR Blaster on your still underutilized by many users, but there are still some users who want this on your technology investment, thereby making it easier for them to manage the remote control at home.

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