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Samsung Tips : Accelerate Perfromance Samsung Mobile Phone. For this time I will inform you about mobile phone Samsung. in fact these tips apply not only samsung  brands but also for other brands that use android operating system. And here are a few tricks and ways to speed up your samsung android, tricks and way below do not require an additional application.


  1. Turn off Live Wallpaper. In general, install Live Wallpaper can enhance the look of the smartphone interface. However with activating it, will slow down the performance of your smart phone. Because the Live Wallpaper will make the animation goes on, and the phone will be forced to continue working. Now, with deadly live wallpaper, you can make a scroll movement on the desktop phone to be lighter and smoother.
    Samsung Tips
    Samsung Tips
  2. Reduce the number of widgets . Widget is an element or part of a graphical user interface or GUI, either in the form of text boxes, buttons and so that presents information or settings that can be reduced or added by users. If you use the widget presents information that is constantly updated at any time, it will lead to additional processes that suck up memory so the impact on the slow performance. For that, there baikknya you remove some of the widgets that are rarely used.
  3. Close the apps running in the background. Did you know that by pressing the home button on the phone, the applications that are running will continue to run in the background. Meanwhile, if you press the back button when the application is running, it will automatically shut down and turn off the application. Therefore, from now on if you inginmembuka other applications do not forget to close the currently running application by pressing the back button or turn it off with the help of task killer that you can download for free from the Play Store.
  4. Turn off the auto update apps. Enable automatic update feature contained in the application settings menu Play Store, it can make your application is constantly updated without having to check manually. But once these features will certainly weigh on the performance of mobile phones, especially when the phone suddenly you download and install an application on when you are running other applications that take up a lot of memory.
  5. Move application to microSD. Features moved apps to SD is a feature that allows you to move the installation of applications from internal memory to a microSD card that you embed. By moving the application installation file to the external memory, the internal memory storage space is becoming increasingly relieved. With an internal memory space that is more spacious, the phone's performance became more lightly and smoothly.
  6. Autorotate. With autorotate feature, your screen orientation changes automatically follow the position of the mobile phone in hand. But in some cases, this can lead to auto-rotate your phone experience lag or pauses that disrupt. Therefore you can turn off this autorotate to go to settings> display and uncheck the box next to the 'autorotate screen'.
  7. Autobrightness. Most Android phones have been equipped with an ambient light sensor that will check the condition of the surrounding light and adjusts the screen brightness phones emitted. But, aside from wasting power, active autobrightness also weighed on cell phone working.
Ok This is Samsung Tips for accelerate performance Android in your mobile phones. May be Help you.

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