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Samsung Gear S2's Review Advantages and Disadvantages. Hello Samsung Lover now i will inform you about Samsung Gear S2 Reviews, Samsung Gear S2 is the smartwatch  latest South Korean company, smart watch four output Samsung has a typical form of a spherical shape and has a rotatable bezel. This time Samsung really concerned about the outward appearance of a new smartwatch, with a circular shape looks more elegant like clockwork beneran.Dengan thin body and corrosion resistant material that is brought to make this gadget has a charming appearance. 
Samsung Gear S2
Samsung Gear S2
Updates from the previous S Gear series is the bezel which can be rotated to select different appearances wallpaper according to user preferences. There is also a touch screen as well as the Home and Back buttons like a regular cell phone to make it easier to navigate.  Ok, Now this is Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Gear S2


  • Health function on the successor to the Samsung Gear has been updated. For example, there is an activity log, which will record your daily activity patterns while monitoring your heart rate. so samsung Gear S2 will further motivate the wearer to be more active and healthy. Tizen has several other applications that can be found in the gear S2, such as S Health and Nike + Running. And there are still many aspects that can be served Gear S2, ranging from healthcare to mobility.
  • Let facilitate maximum use Samsung Gear S2 is equipped with a complete wireless technology. First, there are e-SIM supports 3G network. and also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • So watch this advanced without using a cable charger but using wirelles carging, which is how it is used only in the hold with the device wirelles charge
  • Excess awesome as the NFC technology in this smart clock to make payments in the future becomes easier. so you just need to paste Gear S2 to the NFC reader to pay off your payments. In addition, there is also a smart key function for user access and control a lot of personal items, ranging from cars to home appliances, through his watch.
  • Quick navigation with the swipe to the left and right
  • Navigation of the two buttons on the right


  • Not equipped with speaker
  • No support for applications such as on other Android devices, because it uses the OS tizen

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