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5 Features MIUI 6. MIUI developed by Xiaomi, is a stock and alternative firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on free software operating system Android. The interface is similar to and competes with Apple's IOS interface and Samsung's proprietary TouchWiz. MIUI includes a variety of features not available in the stock Android includes support themes. 
MIUI 6 Features
MIUI 6 Features
MIUI firmware originally developed by source Android 2.2.x Froyo and CyanogenMod 6, and in the Chinese language developed by the Chinese company Xiaomi. Xiaomi add some supporting applications; Includes Notes (notes), Backup (backup), Music, and Gallery. Software Updates usually take place on Friday each week. MIUI translated and ported into unofficial versions in other languages by independent developers and a group of fans.MIUI latter is MIUI6 but will soon be carrying the Xiaomi MIUI 7. Here we will deliver 5 Advanced Features MIUI 6.


1. Telephone Calls

The most basic functions that you will wish your phone has one, and we make your calling experience, the better. With MIUI 6, you can identify, mark, or block unwanted calls with several options. The options are as follows:
  • Identify Unknown Numbers. Identify the number of banks, couriers, and telemarketers proactively. It's time to no longer distracted by a phone call! Use MIUI to detect more than 50% of fraudulent calls, spam or phishing. These calls will be rejected or ignored.
  • Mark Service Number. More than half of marketing calls, fraud, and deals can be marked. Further development of these services is the support of China's largest phone book library includes recognition service number, in addition to marking the dangerous calls. The company name and logo will be visible when you receive a call from the bank, courier, telephone operators, and other service numbers.
  • IVR system. Accessing customer service in a single click. Opening the voice service calls are no longer bothersome. Often an obstacle when checking service hotline for credit card bills, or other functions. It takes the conversation at least a few minutes to get to the part you want. With MIUI IVR system, this can be replaced with a visual menu. This feature now supports services such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Alipay, SF Express, and nearly 50% of the number of other public services.

2. The Main Screen

The main screen has always been a central place to switch between applications and enable or disable a feature. With MIUI 6, we have brought a new movement of global operations, which is optimized for the larger screen. Set a few icons, quick search tools and other features easy, intuitive, and even fun to use.
There are two new features in the main screen MIUI 6, namely:
  • Movement in the main screen. Accessing Notifications of various screens, including a lock screen.
  • The new notification bar. Explore the new notification bar with a toggle that is useful as the music control panel, which gives you quick access to your music. To get a toggle that is more useful in your notification bar, just swipe up for more options.

3. Notifications

Notifications alert you about new messages, calls, reminders, notifications of applications, and much more. Notification Bar MIUI 6 makes it easier and more reliable to get the information you need. MIUI 6 also allows you to add a superscript on each application, so you can see the number of new notifications receive from the main screen. You can also clean all the superscripts in the notification bar if you do not want to see these notifications. This applies to all applications, and you can further customize the function of each app in Settings. 

4. Theme

Access over 5,000 beautiful MIUI themes for your phone, designed by renowned designer to turn your phone into what you want. Mi Space undermine traditional icon layout to bring new ways to interact with your phone. Thus allowing the display interface can be associated with your favorite game or other fields.

5. Equipment

MIUI 6 offers many advanced equipment default to help you get more in a short time.as an example is a calendar equipment. More than just managing tasks on the Calendar, MIUI 6 allows you to mark your favorite start of the game, a holiday, to TV shows and much more. Never miss another important event again with the smart Calendar reminder.

So Sophisticated features possessed by MIUI V6 may help.

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