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4 New Features in MIUI7

author photo 31.3.16
MIUI7'S feature. MIUI7 comes as a complement and successor of MIUI6, MIUI7 a slogan beautiful, simple and intuitive.  In previous articles we have written about the advanced features MIUI 6 (Read Here) Now we will discuss the 4 New Features in MIUI7 as follows:
MIUI 7 Features
MIUI 7 Features

4 New Features in MIUI7

1. XXL Text

Big on clarity, What's the point of a gorgeous interface if you're squinting at it? For those who have a preference for larger fonts, MIUI 7 has been reformatted to perfectly accomodate 5 different text sizes ranging from S to XXL.Bigger isn't always better, not when large font sizes cut off at the edge of the screen, affecting control and readability. We specially designed MIUI 7 to adjust beautifully for every text size, whether S or XXL.

2. Baby album

MIUI 7 uses facial recognition to detect baby photos in your camera roll. It then automatically groups and arranges them in a separate album, allowing you to browse through them easily.

3. Child mode

Designed to keep kids entertained while preventing access from emails, contact information, home screen layouts and more. Manage the list apps you want available when in Child mode.


Snap a selfie and use it as your caller ID. Simply go to Contacts and update "My Card". Friends you share this with will be able to see your picture on their display whenever you call.

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