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3D touch technology Control On Android Devices

author photo 11.3.16
3D touch technology Control On Android Devices. We Quoted from amanz.my that 3D Touch technology is a unique function that was introduced on your iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Through this technology the iPhone screen is capable of detecting the pressure of the user's finger. The detected pressure difference is then used to enable additional control modes. On your iPhone 6S it is used to activate Live Photo mode. Some builders then use the 3D Touch to create applications which are then weighed banned by Apple for fear of causing damage to the screen. To use the 3D Touch, a special detector used to screen two latest Apple devices. Therefore the old iPhone owners feel they can not function.
3D touch Technology
3D touch Technology
FingerAngle by Qeexo is software that brings a touch of 3D to your Android device. Because it is a software of any Android device can use this technology without changes to the hardware device. Actually technology detects pressure on the screen has been around since Android 2.0 Eclair but not used because there is no need for developers. Since 3D Touch was introduced, the old function is then regenerated by Qeexo for the use of modern devices. FingerAngle can detect the orientation of the finger on the screen in three dimensions. It also can detect rotations skrin.Melalui fingers touch the software control for three-dimensional objects can be done. This literally gives a new dimension in experience interfaces existing smart devices.

Source: QEEXO

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