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2 Weakness iPhone That Make People Reluctant to Buy

author photo 21.3.16
Disadvantages iPhone. Hearing the word iPhone we definitely think about smartphones are expensive and upscale, sophisticated luxury and so forth. and may your iPhone into a mobile dream of many people because since formerly known as top smartphones made by Apple and known to be very exclusive. iPhone is known as a superior mobile phone because it has many advantages, including the series, easily disingkronisasi with other Apple products such as the Macbook or iPad. But that does not mean the iPhone does not have a weakness at all, the following are four weaknesses of the iPhone is still a scourge for some people and can make people reluctant to buy. The following are some things that cause people reluctant to buy iPhone :
Advantages iPhone
Advantages iPhone

2 Weakness iPhone That Make People Reluctant to Buy

1. The Price is Expensive

About the exclusivity of the iPhone is already not we doubt, has its own OS made by Apple, to technology top embedded diperangkat such as Siri features, as well as technologies other top that can not be found in other phones, but apparently the technology is embedded makes the price iPhone becomes too high. When compared with Android available ranging from cheap and affordable prices until there is an equivalent to the iPhone 6, while about the ability of Android also can not be underestimated.

2. Application

Matter of course Android apps Google is not invincible because the Play Store has more apps than the Apple Store. In addition, support Google Cloud makes his users do not need to worry about losing data due to synchronization, data automatically social media applications or games already tersimpa in Google's cloud.

Those are some weaknesses iPhone that may not be accepted by many people, but for lovers of Apple may be considered a matter of course and included supporting exclusivity. 

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