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Google Profits overcome Apple

author photo 4.2.16
Google Profits overcome Apple. We Quoted From utusan.com The parent company Google, Inc. Alphabet an increase of five per cent for the fourth quarter of its financial year profit, the company a market value greater than Apple. The decision marks the first time Google beat the smartphone manufacturers since the company started new projects such as smart homes and vehicles without drivers, according to press reports The Independent UK.
Google Profits overcome Apple
Google Profits overcome Apple

He said the establishment Alphabet allow its main business as a separate Google search engine to new projects."Almost all of Google's revenue comes from the Alphabet costs incurred for the development of such projects," he said here today. Alphabet achieve revenues of US $ 4.9 billion (RM20.62 billion) and revenue of US $ 21.3 billion for the fourth quarter of last year, making the company the US $ 568 billion  Some analysts argue that value can increase up to US $ 24 billion (RM101.02 billion) market value Alphabet, or two times the value of Twitter. Apple also lost more than US $ 200 billion (RM841.8 billion) in the last six months as investors began to worry about the slow growth of the company.
"The concern was mainly due to iPhone sales slowing and is expected to continue to decline in the coming quarters," the analyst said.
The last time Google is worth more than Apple was in February 2010 at which time the two companies are worth less than US $ 200 billion (RM840 billion).
When that Apple has the iPhone 3GS in the market and in the pipeline to launch the first version of the iPad.

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