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Xiaomi Mi 4i no Micro SD, Xiaomi has Solutions

author photo 10.8.15
Xiaomi Mi 4i no Micro SD, Xiaomi has Solutions.  Xiaomi launched the latest smartphone version Mi4i with sepsifikasi qualified, but the things that need consideration by the absence of a MicroSD slot which is often used as a storage standard photos, movies to music to Android gadgets.Things like this might make some users confused, especially when used to using MicroSD as a whole container of multimedia. However, that does not mean there is no solution. Vice President of Global Hugo Barra said Xiaomi has prepared another feature is also useful for storing multimedia needs of users.
Xiaomi Mi4i
Xiaomi Mi4i
"I think the internal memory of 16 GB enough. If not, Mi4i own USB OTG capabilities. So the user can directly open or save a file in the flash," he said while talking to media on Tuesday (19/05/2015). Features USB OTG (on the go) allows Android devices to connect directly to the storage media, such as flash and external hard drives. Users only need to provide a USB adapter to the micro-USB.
He also admitted that the decision to leave the MicroSD slot is potentially make users complain. But this matter, Hugo confident that the complaint will only be reduced as they adapt.

In the beginning many people may complain about things like this, but later they will receive. Generally it has a lot of features we wanted, but not necessarily the right features, "he said.
"In addition, although put the MicroSD in Android, storage containers that can not be used to save the application. Android was designed that way. Users who pinned MicroSD will only use it to store any movie or music only," said Hugo.
He continued, according to the capacity of 16 GB is sufficient to accommodate the needs of multimedia ranging from photos, music and film. Mainly because most users do not store the multimedia data in the form of full high definition.
"If it's less, we have a plan to remove the larger capacity. But the problem is still waiting for potential demand. If a lot, we do not rule out the possibility to launch," concludes Hugo.

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