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Scroll Apple, Xiaomi be No. 1 in China

author photo 4.8.15
Scroll Apple, Xiaomi be No. 1 in China. How are lovers smartphone? we quote from liputan6 this time we inform Xiaomi increasingly strong position, especially in China. Xioami further strengthens its position in the smartphone market. Now, according to data from the second quarter of 2015, industry analyst firm Canalys reveal Xiaomi managed to occupy the number one position in China and also depose Apple is dominating over the previous two quarters.

The second quarter of 2015 Canalys estimates that spell out that China's Xiaomi lead the market with 15.9 percent market share. While the number two position occupied by compatriots rivals, Huawei, with 15.7 percent market share.

Apple, which previously occupied the number one position for the previous two quarters, plunging into the top three. The top five positions were closed by Samsung and Vivo. Unfortunately, Canalys did not specify the market share of the three vendors.

Another research firm, Counterpoint Research, also gave a similar estimate by Canalys. Xiaomi is estimated to have 15.8 percent, 15.4 percent and Apple's Huawei 12.2 percent market share.

While the four positions are occupied by Vivo with 8.1 per cent and the rest a combination of various vendors with 48.5 percent market share.

"Competition major brands never been this strong. Huawei recorded the highest smartphone shipments in its history without 'intrusive' products and profit margins. Apple and Samsung increased their sales in the Chinese market with the rapid development of the channel through the main shops and a small mobile phone retail up medium, "said Canalys analyst, Jingwen Wang.

Xiaomi itself is also experiencing rapid development in Asian countries. Companies are now eyeing big opportunities in Russia, Brazil, the Middle East and many countries in Latin America. Despite the burgeoning business, Xiaomi has not debuted in the United States (US).

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