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SMARTPHONE ZTE STAR 3. Era of Mobile is now the company has been competing smartphone using the latest technologies in support of various sophisticated features and specifications of the smartphone. One of them is the rumored party vendor ZTE in which ZTE will launch its newest product with an amazing component that uses 4K screen, the product was named ZTE ZTE Smartphone Star 3. This latest Star 3 will reportedly use the type of TFT screen that has a special crystalline structure and is Latest for ZTE.

Quoted from Okezone, that the use of smartphones ZTE Star 3 TFT panel which gives a special crystal structure, and the latest report of ZTE, with the display panel will reduce power consumption and increase the power of the more spectacular display.
ZTE Star 3 has a size of 5.5 inch wide screen with a fairly standard and has a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. The screen resolution will have a Full HD quality and excellence ZTE Star 3 also supports a fairly high density screen with 806 ppi pixel.

At the time that was calculated smartphone ZTE Star 3 appears virtual world, and leaked images melihatkan design ZTE Star 3 on the back of the arch and has a thin bezel that has been widely applied in other ZTE products, and the rear camera has a dual camera.

ZTE Star 3 is introduced using a 4K screen production BEO China. In addition, ZTE Star 3 also has a thickness that is quite minimal with 0:55 mm. If you want to have a smartphone ZTE Star 3 is the wait for launch in different countries.

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