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Galaxy S6 edge iron Man
Galaxy S6 edge iron Man
Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man Version. In the smartphone news this time we will inform about the rumors about Samsung that we quoted from oketekno. As we all know that South Korean company that Samsung has been growing rapidly and has a wide range of smartphone products. After successfully selling Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with a variety of colors and now Galaxy S6 series will have a unique design and a lot of people who're a fan that Samsung S6 Edge version of Iron Man. The version will be sold next week and already there are images showing the smartphone Samsung S6 Edge has a design version of Iron Man.

It seems many are familiar with the superhero figures and last month already there are rumors about this version. And now the Samsung will announce the inauguration of Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man releases and can be purchased in various mobile stores starting next week.

Manufacturer Samsung itself has been releasing official poster in the presence of Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man in the official Facebook Samsung. On the poster with the words Coming Next Week. However, this version is not yet known to be entered in any country, so wait for the results of the inauguration Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man is.

Samsung S6 Edge Design Iron Man is quite elegant and at the back there is a picture of the Iron Man character mask. As well as the color of the series will have a red and gold lit.

specifications Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man the same as in the original version of Samsung S6 Edge which has a screen size of 5.1 inches and has a qHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and at the left and right edges remain contained curved screen. Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man supports 16MP main camera and front camera which is maximal. If you are curious about Samsung S6 Edge Iron Man, then wait for an official announcement next week.

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