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GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone. We Quote from infohandphone.com .Do you already know about smartwatch? Perhaps you have been saturated with communication devices such as mobile phone or smartphone? Maybe you can try GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone. Yes, the Smart Watch Phone, this device is a wristwatch that has the phone features and capabilities similar to the smartphone because in addition to phone capabilities, GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone is also equipped with essential features like a smartphone.In contrast to smarth watch in general, GV18 Smart Watch Phone Aplus really carrying the phone function by providing a slot gsm sim card to micro size. MICROSIM card can be inserted from the bottom of this smart watches, to put it is also quite easy and simple.

GV18 Aplus  features of the Smart Watch Phone

  • GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone offers features that are diverse and useful to users. This smart watches brings a touch screen measuring 1.54 inches, for the hour is already moderately sized, but this screen is considered HD. With this screen you can perform some minor navigation. such as opening the on-screen menu navigation menu, do sms. 
    GV18 APLUS
    GV18 APLUS
  • GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone comes with the ability to send and receive text messages, but of course you should slowly in writing a message, given the relatively small size of the screen. 
  • GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone also has the ability to sync your important data with a smartphone. Like Phone book, call log, sms and music can be synchronized with your smartphone. 
  • GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone has a 0.3 mp camera, though not too waw, but it has moderately light for photographing objects. Smart wach also has the ability to remotely smartphone camera, so you can do selfie via smartphones but for the button using smarth this watch. 
  • GV18  Aplus Smart Watch Phone has Bluetooth and NFC feature that serves to transfer data from smartphones that also have such features
 Well of features if you are interested in, if interested please give it a try. Good Luck

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